Sonic Bubbles

Sonic Bubbles     Sonic Bubbles is the name of my first Android app. It’s a simple game aimed specially at young music students and designed to improve their musical ear thru gaming. On every game, the player will hear a melodic sequence, and must touch each circle (bubble) to find out wich sound it stores (note: the colors of the bubbles have no meaning at all). Then, she must build the sequence in the same order as the melody heard before, by dragging one finger over the bubbles, one at a time (draw a long line). All bubbles must be used, only once. Have fun!
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The idea for this app emerged during the ear training sessions I do for my students at Conservatorio Profesional de Almoradi. I wanted to find a game they could play to improve their ear, but I couldn’t find a nice one, so I built it. Sonic Bubbles is configured (by now) as follows:

  • a dialog prompts the player to choose one of three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult. Easy level uses just three sounds, C, E and G. Medium uses the C major diatonic scale, and difficult uses the C chromatic scale.
  • every time the player does a right guess, a new sequence is displayed. If a guess is wrong, she losses one life. The number of bubbles is increased in rows of four, at which point the player receives one more life as a present.
  • After the 6th row is succesfully completed (8 bubles on screen), a new level is started with only 4 bubbles, and one sound added (i.e. the second level adds D to C-E-G; etc). So Medium level is actually Level 7, and Difficult level corresponds to Level 13.
  • if the player has forgotten the original sequence, she can listen again pressing the button “Listen Again”. However, doing so will cost ten points, to prevent abuse.

Sonic Bubbles is open for collaboration (want it translated into your own language?). Contact me at